Monday, June 16, 2014

York, England Part Two

Our second day in York was Packed with a capital "P" there was so much to see and do. I am still impressed with everything we did on Saturday. Here it is:

First we went to Clifford's Tower which is part of our heritage pass and was built during William the Conqueror reign and is the last standing piece to the York Castle. We walked all the way to the top which was no easy feat we climbed up and down a narrow, winding stair case with Bear strapped to his daddy and Lady holding onto me. I will say the view at the top was worth it. 

Inside Clifford's Tower.

The view from the top.

After Clifford's tower we went to York Minster for a tour but it wasn't open yet so we rested and ate cupcakes at this adorable cupcake shop called Crumbs, with a view of the Minster. Then we headed to the National Railway Museum the best part was it was free to the public and the museum it self was amazing and worth the walk. We also got to walk along the York Wall. After the Museum we finally went to the Cathedral and took part in a tour. Sadly at this point I was worn out and so were the kids.

We had a great day exploring York and I will leave you with these gems. I feel incredibly thankful for these two.


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