Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day Interview

I was inspired by Kate and Kahn's blog for a Fathers Day interview.
                                Ladybird and Zeke Bear ( 4.5 years old and 18 months old)

me: What's your daddy's name?
Ava: Matthew L. R.

 me: How old is he?
Ava: 8 or 7 or 18 umm maybe 14 and 12

me: He is 30
Ava: What?! He is 30?! Wow!

me: Tell me what Daddy looks like.
Ava: He has brown hair

me: Why is your daddy smart?
Ava: Because he is in the Russell family

me: What's his job?
Ava: To protect the American flag

me: What does he do when he's at home?
Ava: He sits around all day

me: What do you like to do with him?
Ava: Play with him

me: What are your favorites?
Ava: Eating sweets, playing around with Ezekiel 

me: What is your favorite thing to play with Daddy?
Ava: Everything, princess and knight, dragons and unicorns, um sleepovers, and uh and playing um watching TV. I also like when daddy reads to me.

me: What is Daddy's favorite food?
Ava: Gyros

me: What do you do that makes your daddy happy?
Ava: Color for him

me: What makes daddy sad?
Ava: If we don't keep daddy company, or if there is something he is looking for at a store and its not there. (Honestly I think this answer is for what makes Ava sad?) Oh also when me or Ezekiel are sick.

me: How do you know daddy loves you?
Ava: Because of his heart.

me: How does he show you he loves you?
Ava: That's a good question, well because he has a heart and mama that's my answer.

Ezekiel is to young for this interview but he loves his daddy immensely and it shows when Matthew walks in the door from work and Zeke drops what he is doing and runs to give hugs and kisses.


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