Thursday, June 12, 2014

York, England Part One

I have been wanting to visit York since I read Secret Garden a few years ago when I was nursing Ava as a newborn and I had a lot of time to read especially at 2 AM for those late/early feedings. The setting of the book is in York and they cross through the Yorkshire Moors also another dream to see them and especially when the purple heather is in full bloom and all you see for miles and miles is a sea of purple. But I will tell you more about that later. The kids and I had been home from Florida a couple of weeks and we wanted to get away as a family and Matthew booked a hotel the night before we left and off we went. York has so much history and was just so beautiful! The first night was a Friday so we got there in time to scoop out the city center and eat a delicious dinner. This also marked the first time we were on a mini holiday and neither Matthew nor I were in school. FREEDOM!!!! Yup, that's right I am officially done with school I am a college grad!! 
The cutest thing ever a family of Geese and their goslings.

Even before moving to England I had heard about Betty's Tea Room in York and knew I had to visit. I have to admit I was really excited to go try their scones. 

The York Minster is where Roman Emperor was crowned. How cool is that?

This crazy man climbed up this very steep hill while holding onto a four year old and a 17 month old. Both weigh about 30 plus pounds. Good news daddy made sure they made it all the way to the top and they were all very proud of themselves. Zeke Bear and Ladybird cheered  and threw their hands up in victory!


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