Friday, March 7, 2014

Barcelona primera parte

We just got back from a trip to Barcelona it is a very artistic city full of history. It's funny because every city we visit we ask ourselves the same question, "do you think we could live here?" I think Barcelona is definitely a city we could live in based on the slow pace of life but still a lot to do and see. I loved being in a Spanish speaking country I felt a little at home.  Barcelona has been the most child friendly city we have visited so far, their were kids everywhere and parks. I think we visited every playground the city had to offer. Ladybird and Zeke Bear both loved it. The kids are becoming quite the little travelers and are amazing at it. We did a whole lot in Barcelona and I think the first day we walked all of it. These next few posts on Barcelona will be photo heavy so proceed with caution. All of these photos were from day one. 

We stayed a few blocks from Casa Batilo one of the must sees while here, its one of Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces. 

Ava loves chasing pigeons. Poor pigeons. 

A street performer blowing bubbles these guys were everywhere.

We walked through La Ramblas another must do while in Barcelona. We started our journey off with some gelato and a nutella and banana crepe. Sorry no photo we gobbled this down.

We walked through the Gothic quarter and the streets are definitely not car friendly.

A peaceful protest for immigration rights.

Loved this little car. I want one, imagine the my family in this I am pretty sure the car seat can go strapped to the top. 

 I am all about the prefect stroller I want my life made simpler when I have so much gear to carry especially while traveling. I have been on the hunt since moving here for a great travel stroller all while having this gem in our garage. At the last minute the one stroller we bought didn't workout and there was not time to buy another one so we decided we would take our fifty dollar Graco Stroller with us. It is truly amazing. We can actually fit both kids in, it lays flat for diaper changes on the go and has a big basket. It also has a parent tray, and one hand fold. I know amazing. And only weighs 10 pounds if that. Graco has not paid me for this review all opinions are my own. 

This is what I looked like the whole time I was here. Trying to get as much vitamin D as possible. It was in the high fifties low sixties while here but to me it could have been the summer. I absolutely loved the sun and the blue skies.You don't know what you take for granted until you don't have it anymore. 

My stud muffin. I love this man.

Know that although the motorcycle was an accessory to this amazing model photo. Hubby would never be caught on a motorcycle he despises them. 

These water fountains were everywhere. 

Zeke Bear finally being let out of the stroller and he was in heaven. He looked like a tiny drunk man not knowing were to go first.

This right here was gorgeous I just wanted to jump in and swim.

My attempt at modeling not as flawless as the hubsters.

Our last stop for the day. La Sagrada Familia another and most famous Antoni Gaudi work of art. We saw this everyday while here it was so close to our hotel and had a great playground.


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