Monday, March 10, 2014

Barcelona, ​​segunda parte

Warning there are a LOT of photos. 

This was our second day in Barcelona and it was a jam packed day full of amazing adventures. 

We had such a blast playing in the playground in front of the Sagrada Familia this day. We went there with the intention to wait in line and go in but the line wrapped all the way around the Basilica. We decide against waiting in line I am sure the kids were happy and we were ok with it. Instead we decided to play and we all had a blast. How many times will we get to see the kiddos play while their this age. 

Our attempt at a family photo we will keep trying until be reach success. 

Then we caught a city bus and went over to Placa Espanya because we had a flamenco show that night so we decide to spend the day here. This is the Catalan Art Museum and we got some of the best views of Barcelona on the roof of the museum.

I think I will start a series of art around the world with nursing mamas. Remember this nursing mama in Louver in Paris. I love these paintings, it shows strong women/ mothers nursing and caring for their babies with pride and dignity. 

Don't you just love the halos I wish there was a halo around me when I was nursing and someone playing the Spanish guitar behind me. Have I told you this is my favorite sound of music, just wait I am about to.

We had to take an elevator and then a few flights of steps and we reached the top. It was a gorgeous view of all of Barcelona. You can even see the Sagrada Familia and the Pickle shaped building. (I don't know the name but we saw pictures of it all lite up at night.)

This a view of Mount Olympic we really wanted to get here but didn't have time at least we got a good view from the top.

Our Flamenco show was in a tourist area called Pablo Espanyol and we got free entry with our reservation. It was a little bit of a tourist trap but still really nice because you get to see different architecture from all over Spain. So this Orange looking house is a replica of what a house would look like in Oviedo Spain where Hubbys Great Grandfather was from.

Our dinner started at 6:30 pm and it is one of my favorite experiences of being in Barcelona. Although Flamenco is not originally from this area it was still really cool to see. Ladybird has even declared she will be a flamenco dancer when she gets older.

You will find this everywhere in Barcelona Tomato spread on bread. We ordered the Tapas course and everything was delicious my favorite were these eggplant fries in honey. I want to try and find a recipe and make them at home. 

Everything about this show was amazing from the technique, to the emotion on the dancers face. I love, love the sound of a Spanish guitar and the sound that came from the stage was captivating. I wish there was a picture of Ladybird and me, every time I turned around to check on her she was mesmerized with her mouth open and eyes wide open. Its probably how I looked too.

After seeing this guy perform I have already said Zeke Bear can be a Flamenco Dancer if he wants to as well. 

This best way to end the evening was at the Magic Fountain back at the Catalan Museum. This show was fun for all ages there was American pop music and lights and lots of people. Ladybird and I got a seat near the water and watched the water show for a couple of songs. 

Ladybird is totally into these funny faces.


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