Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy season

God would not give me more than I can handle. 1 Corinthians 10:13 (I so paraphrased this scripture)

I once saw somewhere that if a man ever wondered what the inside of a woman’s head looked like, just picture a browser open and seeing 9,876 tabs open. That is currently what my head looks like but instead of just thinking of things these tabs are currently being worked on. 

Today I feel a bit over extended. I am finishing up my second to last semester of school and have a 10 page paper to write in two days and submit before its due date because I will be on holiday when it’s due. I had to train our new nanny today on the kids daily activities and there likes and dislikes. The nanny/mothers helper is so I can be more productive with school and actually graduate with an acceptable GPA. Today at some point I have to go buy cookies and water for parents evening for Ladybirds preschool. On my lengthy to do list I had to write a lengthy email to my preschool committee about the pros and cons on hiring an apprentice. I just scheduled a meeting with the preschool supervisor to go over suggestions to better the preschool based on a parent questionnaire that went out last month. I will stop there with preschool to do list but this list could go on and on. 

I have to at some point go and get my eyebrows threaded because I look like cookie monster. I also have to find time to blow dry my lions mane of hair. Also to that list is absolutely wash like ten loads of laundry ( I wish this was an exaggeration) so we are not wearing dirty hamper smelling clothing in Barcelona where we are going to on Thursday. Have I mentioned I have not been able to think about this amazing trip at all except for things like print off boarding passes, make sure all passports are in one place, start attempting to pack but that can't really happen unless you have clothes to pack. 

I also had to think about dinner today and the other meals my family consumes on a daily basis. We also have care packages that need to go in the mail ASAP that have been setting in my living room for over two months. Oh did I mention I just applied for a job. (Am I crazy?) I also would love to clean this house of ours but even sweeping the bottom level of our house seems like daunting task. Let’s not even mention the status of our toilets and showers (I will somehow some way clean these before we leave.) I hate coming home from a trip to a dirty house. I think this means there is no sleep in my future.

Other tid bits in my mind: starting a foundation, adoption, baby number three, Zeke Bears vaccinations, trying to plan age appropriate activities for him, Ava wants to dance ballet, thinking of ways to get outside some more, being a better wife and overall carer for our family. Am I doing a good job at any of these areas? The fact that I have worked five long years on my degree and I will not be walking at my graduation.  I have been so up and down about whether to go and I think our last decision was not to go.
 This post was not about bragging or letting everyone know what’s on my plate because I know all mamas have lots on their plate but this was more for me releasing it all on paper so its out of my head and forever in blog land. So after this I will I focus on my paper and take it one step at a time.


This is me to tired to eat dinner. I literally fell asleep while chewing my first bite. This picture was taken after we celebrated the kids birthday party in November another very busy time for us as we just moved to England and I just came on as Ladybirds preschool manager. There will probably be a similar picture of me somewhere in Barcelona to tired to move. Bahahaha, just kidding adrenaline will kick in at some point, right?

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