Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pairs Part Un

Paris what can I say you captured my heart. To quickly sum up this gorgeous city and everything we did; we kissed a lot (I could do an entire post on just our kissing photos) heck we were ready to make baby #3. We ate a lot of bread including, croissants of all varieties, baguettes, sandwiches and devoured many nutella and banana crepes, walked a TON, and we were completely captured by this beautiful city. I don't know why the French get such a bad wrap because from the nicest areas to the not so nice everyone was extremely helpful, courteous and nice.
Ladybird was devising a plan to stay in the city and not go home to England. She told me on numerous occasions, "Mama I love it here", "Mama if we leave, you will break my heart", twice while sleeping she woke up to tell me she didn't want to leave. Ladybird fully thought out the need to make new friends what would happen to her church and school and even talked of getting new grandparents. I explained as sensitively as I could that what if we stayed in England and planned another exciting trip to Paris in the Summer and no you can not have new grandparents.

Judy (my moms best friend from grade school) and Victor who I consider an aunt and uncle because they have been in my life since I was born and have been there for every major event, including graduations, weddings, baby showers and even our going away party, they had to travel for every one of those to get to us. When a good friend planned our going away Judy and my cousin drove through the night to see us for two days and turned around and drove back 10 hours just to say goodbye. They are an amazing couple who put family first and whom I feel honored knowing. They mean the world to us not just them but their whole family their kids are like cousins. Their first stop was to our place then we all traveled together to Paris. 

 This is our first night in Paris.

 Our first morning in Paris we thought it appropriate to have an impromptu dance party. 

We rented an apartment in Paris to get the full Parisian experience. We felt like locals looking out our window in the morning seeing people pass by going to buy there breakfast baguette. 

Our apartment was a 5-min walk to The Basilica Sacre Coeur. It is a gorgeous church that took 216 steps to get to the top. 

Ladybird had a blast running around and chasing the birds. 

She even got to spend her own money to ride the Carousel. 

The view at the top was breathtaking and what made it even more magical was a man playing the harp. It was like having our own soundtrack while seeing the sights.

This was our first day in Paris and it was a magical one, after the Basilica we made our way to the Eiffel Tower. 

What can I say, blame it on the city it made us all lovey and touchy. Who am I kidding Matthew is always trying to cope a feel. 

We went on a river cruise later that night and even though it rained it was still magical to see the city all lit up from the River Seine.

Cheers from the City of Lights.

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