Thursday, April 25, 2013

Natural Safari Zoo

 We went to Natural Safari Zoo in Natural Bridge, Virginia and it was one of the coolest things I have done because well I have never had a Camel head in my car stealing my bucket of food. There were Llamas, Emus, Zebras, Moose and much more all along a three mile drive that you can go at your leisurely pace while feeding the animals as you go. There were certain ones you could not feel like the Zebras. Beware lots of pictures of our trip. Enjoy!

Ladybird actually sat on my lap the whole time we drove through the Safari. She absolutely loved that, I was a tad bit afraid she would never want her car seat again. But no to worry when we got in the car to leave she fell asleep and never asked to sit in my lap to drive.

Our first encounter with a large animal. It takes awhile to get used to... well...actually...we never truly go used to it. It just seems so unnatural. 

Ladybird did amazing with the animals cant't say the same for my sister who freaked out the whole time and  didn't really put her window down.

There is a sign that reads "Camels steal buckets but feed anyway." So we feed anyway and sure enough camel stole the bucket and we lost our whole bucket of food. 

These animals are well trained...I mean who wouldn't be they are feed all day from cars. 

Lady feeding the goats like a pro she even feed them straight from her hand. 

How cool is this we even got to feed the Graffias from our hand!!

Feeding birdies!

We had such a good time look forward to doing everything else Natural Bridge has to offer.


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