Monday, January 7, 2013


It's official my break from school is almost over! Oh how I have enjoyed my break from school although I was busy doing other things like growing a baby inside of me and then birthing my great bundle of joy. There is no rest for the weary I must continue ahead and finish what I started. If I don't start now who knows when I will finish because I realized there is never going to be a convenient time to start school I just have to start and sort everything out as I go. 

When and if I ever give an acceptance speech my first thanks will go to my Hubby because none of this would be possible without him backing me up 110 percent of the time. He has had more faith in me than I have had in myself. My husband has been by my side encouraging me along the way since the beginning. 

He is the most amazing man I have ever met and I am so thankful to God everyday to have such a good and godly man leading me. When we were dating he told me that when we got married my dreams would become his dreams and it was his responsibility to see that I never lose sight of those dreams. Let me tell you he has made good on that promise and they really have become his dreams as well. I love you Matthew and thank you dove.

I dedicate this song to the love of my life. 

Cheers to beautiful blessings like having encouraging husbands. 

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