Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Having a baby in the winter does not mix well with my outgoing personality. I am an extrovert and I get energy by being around other people. It's so gloomy looking over here and its been raining for the last couple of days which is no fun especially for Lady who asks everyday if she can go outside. There are so many reports of the flu being really bad and I refuse to get the flu shot. Its either suffer the flu or get injected with MSG, formaldehyde and a bunch of other unmentionables. So I rather hibernate and keep my babies and myself from getting sick. We only have two more months till Spring.

I just read on one of my favorite blogs called A Holy Experience  by Ann Voskamp a blog post that really helped me today. How to keep in time with God... you would have to go over and read the post because I can not do her beautifully poetic writing any justice but basically she says we loose count with God when we loose sight of all of the blessings in our life.

So even though I can't leave my house and the sky is gray there is SO much to be thankful for like the fact that I get the major blessing that I get to spend unlimited time with my angels and I really get to see them grow. I not only get to enjoy my little babies but also my hunky hot big baby (Hubby) who is home full-time while in school.

Cheers to seeing the glass half full.

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