Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: Word of the Year

This is my fourth year making a theme word for the year in which I can focus on, you can check some of my other post here, here and here. I have been praying and seeking where God wants me and my family in 2013. There are so many directions and areas I know I need to focus on, discipline, serving, being content in all things. I have come to realize it is not by my own strength that I can accomplish any of this, so my focus this year will be PRAYER. I know the only way to have discipline, or serve my family and others is to be in communion with God and have an intentional relationship with Jesus. Let it not be my will Lord but your will be done.

I feel so drained after this last year of being pregnant it took a lot out me physically, emotionally and spiritually. This last week I have been solo, caring for my two babies while Hubby has been in Florida for his grandfathers funeral (Papa Joe may you find eternal Peace being with our Heavenly Father). I have felt lonely  desperate, and a little fuzzy but through lots of prayer and a really good book I know that feeling helpless is good place to be because you realize you need Jesus.

I am so excited for 2013 and what this year has in store for my family and I.

Cheers to a New Year


  1. Awesome! At our church, I believe that Max Lucado is doing a 3 month teaching series on prayer. I was out last week when they announced it, but check it out starting in February.


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