Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Post Baby Body

I am finally feeling like I am getting back to my pre-pregnancy body as far as weight goes I don't know if my body will ever be the same after having two children... "but that's ok" (as Ladybird would say). Our society paints a picture of what women are supposed to look like and its not a normal portrayal of what the everyday woman looks like. I think its so sad that we as women put so much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way. 

Its amazing what God created a woman's body to do in being able to grow and carry a baby. Its amazing that I too was a baby growing inside of my mom, but sorry I digress, point is I feel proud to have bared children and every line, wrinkle and jiggly part is the best part of me because it tells my story and the story of my children. 

I once read that mothers of girls should be ever so conscience of the way they look and speak about their body  in front of their daughters. Because your high sometimes unreachable standards will one day be the inner voice of your baby-girl who will develop a body complex and not be satisfied with the way God created her.

One day before I was pregnant with Zeke Bear I had just come out of the shower and Ladybird pointed to my stretchmarks on my bum and she said "whats that mommy" I then replied "those are my love marks or stretch marks." I didn't make a big deal or cover them up and they are my love marks because I got them when I was pregnant with her.

Love your body and love yourself , you are a work of art.

Jacket: H&M // Shirt: Forever 21 // Leggings: Guess // Shoes: Target 


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