Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mommy Style

I think the biggest thing that has changed since becoming a mommy is my footwear, I love heels and while wearing heels is usually not so practical with an infant and toddler, I usually go with comfort for my feet. I will wear heels when I am with my husband and at church. So, below I will show you how I switched from heels to a flat and I think it looks even better! What has changed for you since becoming a mommy?

This outfit right here is not my everyday uniform, my “everyday wear” is usually what I woke up with, my pajamas. I rarely leave the house lately except for doctor’s appointments, church, and small group. It's just so cold outside! So staying in my pj's seems like the best thing. I can cook, clean, dance, and blog in pj's. Sometimes its glorious and sometimes it’s a bit sad. But when I do leave the house, I try and look presentable to the outside world (and also so I don't embarrass my children).

I was a nanny before I had kiddos and I remember thinking… when I have my children I will not go out in sweats and a big t-shirt because then, I would be representing my children rather than other peoples’ (I used to nanny in my frumpy wear). So when I got pregnant with Ladybird I made sure I looked presentable when we would go anywhere, after all I am Ladybird’s mommy.

Although I have always enjoyed shopping and getting dressed up, I didn't always know my particular style and what I felt most comfortable in. So, I started to save pictures on my computer of styles I liked and when I would go shopping I would try and buy one or two pieces to update my wardrobe, or just to mix it up a bit. In finding my mommy style, I have also had to keep in mind that I am in my twenties. It is easy to think that because you are a mom you have to dress older (especially in Washington DC, where everyone is older), but that is not true. I have found that you can dress both young and mommy-like at the same time.

I had to totally leave my comfort zone and how I used to dress. I learned from Kendi Everyday to never buy a piece that can't be re-mixed into your wardrobe at least 5 times. Before that, I would go shopping and buy a top and bottom that went together and wear the heck out of the outfit until it needed a good wash. Then after a week or two, I would look inside my closet and think “I have nothing to wear.” I didn't know how to mix and match! Then one day (after reading Kendi's blog) it hit me, “mix and match,” that’s when my mommy style began and I started to pair things together that would normally not have gone together. Daring I know!

Cheers to being comfy and fashionable but most of all feeling good.

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  1. LOVE stripes! and I really like how you dressed up a simple outfit with a pop of color in the necklace and shoes. Stopping by from WWIW.

  2. I love the yellow shoes! I'm still looking for the perfect pair! You look so cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    1. I bought mine on sale from Urban Outfitters.


  3. i love this look! i have those yellow flats :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  4. Love the yellow heels and the blue necklace. Fun pops of color. I started caring more about how I looked after having my kids. I think just about every new mom does that!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  5. Comfy and fashionable is the best! You look great, and I love the yellow shoes. :)

  6. such a great combination, the fit, the colours -!

  7. Such a cute outfit, Crystal - I love that necklace! Btw, your front bangs are so cute!


  8. I learned so much from Kendi too :) I think you look SO cute in this outfit! Love those boyfriend jeans, especially with the stripes and yellow shoes!

    The Other Side of Gray


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