Monday, January 28, 2013

These boots were made for walking

 I love these boots I picked them out way before I was even engaged to my hubby so circa 2007. They have been very good to me, I love when I have shoes or clothing pieces that have been with me for years and I have history with them. These boots have been great but are terrible to wear when its slippery outside like when it snows in the DC area for 5 min and then turns to black ice.

As you can see in some of the photos below there is still snow on the ground outside and that means it is way to cold outside for photos. I don't know how some of these very fashionable bloggers take pictures outside in the snow. I am to wimpy but it is a nice way to change things up. But for now lets change it up with these fantastic flower plates on my wall behind me, plus I don't want to fall and end up taking pictures in the hospital because I was trying to pose and slipped on ice. That would not be good.

This is me in mommy-mode.

The main feature for this post. Cute boots but not practical for DC winter weather. 

Turban: Lemon and Lace // Sweater: Banana Republic circa 2009 // Flower shirt: Target // Pants: H&M // Boots: Shi by Journey Circa 2007 


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