Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak into Baby# 2 room. I am 95% sure on his name but for some reason I can not commit the other 5% I think because I really wanted to change Lady's name towards the end of my pregnancy but Hubby and the whole family were already attached to the name. Now of course I could never imagine her with any other name especially with the meaning of her name. Hubby and baby-girl are 100% on his name so I guess we shall see. 

We plan to cloth diaper this go around and some awesome friends of ours have given us some cloth diapers.

I bought this metal box at an antique store and just pulled out the stinky old and dirty green felt and placed new felt.

I bought disposable diapers for the first few days after he is born for meconium. We don't want to stain his newborn cloth diapers. I also bought wipes but we are planning to use cloth wipes.

I can't wait to finish the rest of his little corner. Cheers.

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