Wednesday, September 12, 2012


How I love books and especially children's books. I knew early on that I wanted to make reading a central part of Lady growing up and we have done that. I started reading to Lady while I was pregnant with her. Lady loves to read with her mommy and daddy or even by herself. Over the last couple of weeks she has been reading by herself either by making her own story up or through memorizing the story. We have two big baskets of books one in the living room and the other in her room. Every now and again I swap out the books. That's what we did today and she was a big help.

I separated some books to read to Baby#2 so I could bond with him in the evening. Although he probably hears me reading to lady all day long I just remember it was such a special bonding time in the evening that I did with Lady. I want to do the same because with life going at the pace it is it's hard to stop and think of another baby entering our world soon.


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