Friday, August 10, 2012

Who says you cant make up a reason to celebrate

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and I were on a ladies date night out. We parked at Old Town and ate at my favorite Creperie. After we finished eating we strolled through the boutiques and shops and came across a sign in a very classy adult boutique shop advertising a class that would be held that weekend. When we saw the sign we laughed at first like little school children and then thought you wanna take the class? We both agreed it would be fun and I am sure our husbands would not mind in fact they strongly encouraged us.

Well we ended up making Friday, July 27th as my friends official bachelorette party that she never had. She has been married for 6 plus years and has officially 3 kids but cares full-time for 5 kids total, home schools and has her own business (whether it be for an official party or just to celebrate her and enjoy a break I think she deserves it) . Anyway we gathered a group of girls and set out on the town and our lovely class.  

We learned a plethora of useful information at this class and it was great to see older married couples in the class as well. It was done very tasteful and we all felt very comfortable in the class. We then purchased some items and headed off for more celebratory festivities at a karaoke bar. I had never been karaoking so this was my first time and oh boy did I have fun. We danced and sang and ate lots of fried yummy not so good for you food. 

After Karaoke the night was not done yet as we were headed home the bachelorette suggested bowling. So we headed in around 12:30am and bowled one quick game of cyber-bowling.

It was a fantastic night. 

Quick picture before heading out for a girls night out of fun.

If you care to visit this classy shop in Old Town, Alexandria it's called Lotus Blossom

I was 23 weeks Pregnant here.

 Cheers to making time for a good-time with girlfriends.

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