Saturday, August 11, 2012


Last weekend friends of ours invited us to a Nationals Baseball Game the only thing was we needed a babysitter. A is two and half years old and since she was born she has only been watched by two families here in our area. Hubby and I have had a hard time entrusting someone with our most precious gift. But, we got lucky and the babysitter we have used frequently is the sister of close friends of ours. So we said yes to the plans and starting preparing. We were informed that these tickets just weren't regular stadium tickets these tickets were held by VIP season ticket holders and food and drink were included plus we had several options of where we wanted to sit but our assigned seats were right behind home plate. I have been to many baseball games in my lifetime and by far this has to be the coolest experience. We I ate all night from the gourmet food to the corn dog stand they had a delicious dessert table and a vintage candy area.  

There were even waiters who came by and took your order if you wanted anything else to eat. I will never feel the same at a sporting event after this experience. By the way the Nats won that night against the Miami Marlins and just to note every game we have ever been to at the Nats stadium they have won I think we should petition to have VIP tickets every home game. I think its a brilliant idea.


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