Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Part 3

When I see this picture its almost like an immediate chill pill and all stress of daily life melts away. Lancaster, PA is one of our most visited places while living here in the D.C. area. I think it helps to know the history and life style of the Amish and Mennonite communities in Dutch Country and how they live life day by day (which is something I am trying to learn, hence the blog name). Also the rolling hills of farmland are so peaceful.

I love spontaneous trips or fun ideas on the fly I thrive on excitement even if I do get a little stressed in the last minute planning and packing. It will all work out in the end. Well this weekend we planned a last minute camping trip in Lancaster, PA. This trip all stemmed off the fact that Husband had purchased tickets to go see Jonah at Sight and Sound Theater (I recommend to anyone even with small children to make the trip and go see a show. It is an amazing biblicaly accurate theatrical shows.) Sight and Sound shows fill up really fast and we had a gift certificate there so we decided to go as part of my birthday celebration. You know the VIP baseball game we went to last weekend well the idea of a family camping trip with friends came to fruition. I wish I had more pictures of this weekend especially our annual picture in front of the Lion and the Lamb like the two below.

I was 6 months Pregnant with LadyBird and Hubby and I went to go see In The Beginning which was amazing!

We went to go see Joseph last year for Husbands birthday and Lady was 18months old.

I don't have one from this year. Insert: Sad Face. But here are some camping photos. Please excuse this photo but there is no glamour in camping. I had just woken up and we were starting breakfast.

An Amish family went around the camp sight selling baked goods and other fun things like a pot holder that when warmed by a hot pot will release a sweet aroma of whatever spice is inside the cushion. They also sold  a dozen pasture fed eggs for only $1.00. I think I pay $6-7 a carton at the grocery store. 

My Princess 

Apart of my Birthday celebration the men watched the kids and Denise and I went antiquing. It was an amazing experience and can't wait to show all our plunder.  

We didn't have coffee cups so the men used their used Starbucks cups for coffee made on the camp sight. 

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