Thursday, August 9, 2012

reflecting and counting our blessings

Living in Fairfax County is such a blessing and where our home is in proximity to everything we use daily is so perfect. We originally bought our place with several things in mind it would be really close to Hubby's job which at the time of our home purchase the building site for the new location was still under construction and would not be done for another two years. Second our home is close to an Army Base that was building new barracks meaning lots more people coming into the area. So we potentially thought the new job building would benefit us in the long term but both would be great for a fantastic rental market in the long-term. For when the time came for us to move, plus plenty of other great reasons. I am so glad we really prayed carefully about our purchase.

The day after my birthday at closing. Talk about a great Birthday Gift?! I was also 4 months pregnant with A.

Its sad because I think we should be taking more advantage of great amenities Fairfax County has to offer in our area for outdoor living. One of them is a spray park and an amazing playground that's just minutes from my house at the REcenter. I am trying to go at least twice a week and allow A to fully-enjoy the spray park that will be closing in September.

Next time we go to the spray park I will take pictures its quite impressive.

I love the name of this playground because its my little sisters nickname my dad gave to her when she was a baby it was either Chessie or Chessita. 

This playground just opened up this year and the spray park opened up last summer.

She has so much fun and they recommend this area for kids five years old to nine years old but A does great on all the surfaces except climbing up or down the tree stumps.

I love all the woodland creatures and the overall forest theme.

Lady has conquered the rope later and now climbs like a pro.

If your in the area I recommend checking it out. There is a great pavallion, spray park tree house, recenter, and nice bathrooms. 


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