Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Part 2

Yesterday my hubby made reservations for my birthday at Founding Farmers and I was really excited because I heard about the restaurant a few years ago. I think I was able to appreciate the founding principals of the restaurant because of my lifestyle now. Everything in the restaurant is made in house and from scratch the menu is mouth-watering and I could not wait to start eating. I want to try and go again for brunch and maybe even lunch and try and do dinner again. It was a very enjoyable experience, the restaurant is a mix of farm and class, the waitstaff are all incredibly nice and like I said the food was great.

Below are a few pictures of our evening.

I am currently 25 weeks Pregnant this dress is a H&M dress from there basic line non-maternity.

I am trying to practice on my model face. How am I doing?

Don't worry I never actually made it off the ground.

OK feeling awkward I have run out poses.

My baby-girl who had just woken up from a nap in the car on the way into D.C.

Inside the front lobby of the Founding Farmers

At Starbucks relaxing waiting for our reservation

There is no denying who she looks like.

We are officially sitting down upstairs 

I wish I taken a picture of my Arnold Palmer as soon as it came out it was so pretty. Tea and Lemonade all made in house.

All the servers wear farm-wear

I am giving you an ex-large picture of this deliciousness called bacon lollies. 
Cinnamon-Brown Sugar Glazed Thick-Cut Bacon which after I finished those nearly all by myself I could of easily had another portion!!!

I had fried chicken and Belgian waffles for the first time and it was awesome! 

My favorite cake is Carrot Cake because my Grandmother used to make it for me every summer from scratch and so I have never really liked any other carrot cake because it does not live up to my Grandmothers but I have to say this cake was awesome and the Malted Dulce de Leche Ice Cream  was also a first for me and did not disappoint. 

Thank you hubby, little lady and everyone at FF restaurant for making my birthday special.



  1. P.S. - whatever camera you are's capturing these moments quite well.

  2. Thank you I have not had long hair like since I first got married I am digging it. :D Matthew bought me a Nikon DSLR and I am having fun learning to use it.


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