Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Portraits

For my mom's birthday this year my sisters and I gave my mom what we thought was the best gift ever. My mom had been wanting family photos for a really long time and the closest we came to was a Sea World picture in 2008 right after Hubby and I were married and were flying back into Florida after our honeymoon in Mexico. We made a pit stop to see both sides of the family before officially starting our life together in the D.C. area. Anyway I digress, the plan was to drive to Florida this year for my Sister-in-laws wedding and some other family fun. We found a photographer set the date and here are the pictures. We took the photos at a great beach in St. Petersburg, FL called Pass-a-grille Beach we scheduled it an hour before sunset and the sun was brutal on our eyes so we all look squinty eyed in most of the photos.

Our first professional family photo since A was 8-weeks old now she is two and a half

My parents and the grandkids

My Mom and two sisters

I am holding my belly to show the baby bump I think I was 16 weeks pregnant here.

My Family plus two unborn babies not pictured one in my baby oven and the other in my sisters and who at the time did not know she was pregnant. Brings the grand total of grandchildren to five!

A and her cousins E and M

My favorite of the group shots maybe because you can't see our eyes. And maybe because it symbolizes a lot for me. Faith, Family, Unity and no matter how many miles we are apart from each we are family.

Mama bear and Papa bear

The Hubsters and I! Oh my mighty marbles how I love this man!!

                                        I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine 

Songs of Solomon 6:3

And the day is done it was a fun session that ended with hungry bellies, frizzy unmanageable hair (except for my little sister who has perfect shiny black Pocahontas hair.) Hurting eyes from all the squinting and soggy pants for the guys. But all in all the memories that were created could never be traded for the world. 

Thank you Kamila for great photos!
- Cheers C

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