Monday, August 6, 2012

A Big Moment

For a few weeks we have been talking to A about her new toddler bed and how we were going to take the rails of her bed and that meant new responsibility. She was so super excited but was concerned because she thought her crib was going to the new baby and she was going to be getting a big girl bed for her birthday. We explained this was a toddler bed just a transition piece before getting her big girl bed (we of course tried to explain it as simple as possible).

I wanted to make this transition before baby #2 is born that way she understands the concept of staying in bed through the night and we could work out the kinks before we become a family of four. She also made the big transition from diapers just at night to undies 24/7. So I needed to make sure she could get out of bed in case of a potty emergency. 

It was so bitter sweet seeing her crib convert to her toddler bed. My baby is growing up :D.

She jumped right in got under the covers and said "I have a bed like Mkaya" (Her cousin in Florida)

We said our prayers gave kisses and I haven't heard a peep from her all night. 

The only thing I am worried about is she moves all night long and may fall out of bed. Although the fall is not very far it will be very startling if she wakes up on the floor. We will have to most likely get a bed rail. Until then sleep tight baby girl.


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  1. Ohhh man! there is no going back!

    - Hubby


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