Monday, March 26, 2012

She's a Cool Mamajama

Baby-girl is 27 month’s! I do not count months anymore but I thought about it yesterday because we are charting her height in her closet and she has grown like 5 inches since December. I may put a brick on her head to make her stop growing.

We are allowing little lady to pick out her clothes because she knows the routine and she gets her clothes before I get to her room. I first had a hard time with this because she actually wanted to leave the house in mitch matched clothing. I thought no way what are people going to think of me? Well, I very quickly realized; 

1. Who cares let the child wear what she wants (of course within parental limits)
2. As adults we care to much what others think of us I want to break the cycle
3. Clothing is a form of artistic expression
4. Let her be happy in a lime green shirt, nautical striped pants and purple sparkly shoes
5. I need to curb my need to micromanage everything ladybird does
6. She knows who the Mommy is and when mama says no it's no

The Russell household was extremely excited to hear our cool mamajama sing her ABC's!! Its so great that the simple things in life bring such Joy. We do something called "tot school" basically its a little preschool mixed in with purposeful play. So every week we focus on one letter of the alphabet. We have been doing this since the summer and she knows all her letters by recognition and can tell you what a letter is for. M is monkey, U is for Unicycle. 

Ava Jolie knows her numbers in English and Spanish to 10
She has known her colors since she was 18-19  months
She is becoming much more physical


“OK Mister”
Mama you’re so beautiful
I am smart, I am important and I am beautiful and I am a Princess of the Most High God (we tell her this every night so now she will randomly say it)
I am sorry Mama
I no like it
I like it!
Ooo toddles
No that’s alright mama
I got it
I did it!!!
Mama what’s wrong
Is something wrong mama

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