Sunday, November 6, 2011

La Vie Belle

(This was a post from May that I had not published)

La Vie Belle, is french for beautiful life. God is so amazing and has blessed my family and I beyond measure. I am so utterly dumbfounded by the love and grace that my daddy in heaven gives me unconditionally and freely everyday!

The past few months have been a whirlwind of family, vacation, graduations, birthdays, and lots of family time! My husband, Ladybird and I all departed for Florida May 14th, Ladybird and I did not return home until June 5, 2011. We drove back home with my baby sister who stayed for two weeks.

In the past two months we have been to Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Saint Augustine, Sarasota Beach, Washington, DC, New York, Lancaster, Philadelphia and Delaplane, Virginia. here are a few photos of out recent adventures.

It took us approx. 18 hours to get to Florida. Boy were we excited to see the Welcome to Florida sign.

My sisters and I surprised my mom with a trip to Saint Augustine for her birthday. That's my brother-in-law with my precious cargo. My husband was missing from this beach vaca because he had to go back home for a week of work. 

Although this is not a picture of Ladybird at the beach this was her first time at the beach in Saint Augustine. She had tons of fun playing in the water.

This is my blue-eyed, motorcycle riding, young at heart Grandfather (aka Welo) 

Matthews Grandparents who I adore and love very much. Fun fact: Matthews Papa Joe started to catch alligators when he retired at 60 and caught them for the State of Florida until he was 70 years old. He also served the United States Army for Twenty Years. 

Matthews Papa Jim from his Dad's side. He is my all American Grandfather. Fun fact: played football for Alabama State and his Brother played pro football for Da Chicago Bears. 

My wonderful in-laws have a great condo on Daytona Beach. It was the most serene and calming place I have been to. Well it was serene until we had three kids running around and eight adults sharing the dinner table. It was a great Memorial Day Weekend. 

The View from the balcony.

Our last day in Daytona Ladybird soaking up the sun and enjoying the water.

Lady and her Daddy enjoying some pool time back at the grandparents house.

We then headed back to Tampa for my sisters high school graduation. 

That's my cousin who flew in from Chicago, my older sister and I. 

These are just some of the Florida pictures. Hope you enjoyed. 

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