Sunday, November 6, 2011

I don't know where to start....

I forewarned you (my loving and dedicated readers) that I would be taking a break from blog writing for awhile since I am a full-time everything lately. 2011 has been a wild ride although it's not over and it still has some pretty exciting things happening. Because I don't know if I have the energy to write about the last 6 months we will bulletize this post.

  • Completely redecorated our house.
  • No where near done but its really exciting to see it finally coming together.
  • My wardrobe is also coming together like it finally fits me and I feel so comfortable and my age.
  • I am almost officially a senior and December will make it exactly a year until I graduate.
  • We just returned from an impromptu trip to London.
  • Ladybird and I leave to Florida this week for the rest of November to be with family while Hubby is away on a trip.
  • Hubby leaves to his first missions trip overseas this week!! So Exciting!!
  • My heart hurts already from missing him and he is actually right next to me. :D
  • I have baby fever!!!
  • My computer went kaput only after having it for three for Sony Viao
  • God Is Absolutely AMAZING!!
  • I am still in the word "almost" everyday it feels so good to my spirit and my well being to be feed by Gods amazing and Holy Word.
  • I have been baking a lot lately and its great fun with a toddler.
  • I have also tried out a bunch of new recipes. I feel very domestic while in the kitchen.
  • My baby girl is almost two and I don't know if I am ready for that.
  • I still look at her in amazement that God has blessed Hubby and I with her, such a precious gift.
  • She is so smart I cant handle it :D
  • I wonder on a daily basis if I was that smart as a toddler?!
  • We potty trained...relapsed... now about to kinda start again. (I have a really good excuse)
  • She is FULLY poo poo trained. No more dirty poo poo diapers for me. And for that I am eternally grateful.
  • Its amazing who you meet once you open your heart and home.
  • I may have doggy fever to.
  • I painted my first two pieces of furniture, a farm table and a buffet. I am in love with them. I cant take all the credit hubby helped a ton with the sanding.
  • Hubby, God-willing starts Grad school in January so we will both be home for an entire year in school and taking care of our Princess. Amazing!
  • Its so fun to plan birthday parties, Ladybirds 2nd birthday will be Snow White themed. We picked Snow White because its the only Disney Princess that resembles her. Although the Witch is really scary and I don't like the thought of death through a poison apple, jealousy and vanity that is portrayed in Snow White.
  • However, we are very excited and my wonderful grandmother is making Baby girl and her doll a Snow White dress.

I am sure I have a thousand other things to write about but I will stop there and hopefully it will not be another 6 months before I post again.

God Bless

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