Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New York City Part 2

People visit New York for three things: shopping, eating and Broadway. We accomplished two of the three things we just substituted Broadway for sightseeing. Once Lady gets bigger or we have family with us to leave her with that's when we will finally be able to see a show. When we went to London last March we stayed at the Waldorf Hilton and it was in the center of the theater district and now in NY we stayed in Midtown which is a few blocks from the theater district, its like it's so close I can taste it. One day...one day.

The real reason for part 2 of our NY trip is to talk about shopping! I love shopping and even if its just to window shop. It's so fun to see what the new trends are, whats coming back into trend and to feel all the pretty fabrics in between my fingers. I really do enjoy the smell of all types of shopping arenas; department stores, flea markets, bazaars. the greatest thrill of shopping for me is finding a good deal. There is nothing like coming out of  a store and feeling all giddy inside because you just purchased bags of stuff for nothing at all.

Have you ever been to the mall and you see person after person with the same shopping bag? You may ask....yes...and? Well, thats what I look for because that means there is a good sale going on. Well in NY I kept spotting the same shopping bag for a store called Century 21 I tried so hard to get there and we were only a block or two away but Ava was not feeling well so we focused all of our attention on tending to her. 

We made an impromptu decision to walk from Brooklyn to Times Sq. We really got to experience NY this way. We walked through the famous Canal St. where all the knockoff purses, jewelry,and super cheap clothing stores are, through Soho, Tribeca, and the East Side. It was actually a lot of fun. Well while we were walking we decided to do a "little" shopping. My amazing husband told me go ahead and pick out anything you like (within reason and this Canal St. where everything is cheap) so I started looking and looking. I found some amazing sumer dresses and a lace dress which I have been wanting one since like forever.


Well, anyway I kept looking and looking and didn't get anything because I felt I would find something better at the next store. Well, by the time I knew it we walked 10 blocks and Canal St. was way behind me. So I had to give up my dream of finding Century 21 store and my lace dress.


We stopped inside this store that had dishes on display and I saw a sign that read Diner Whites 25% OFF! That immediately caught my eye.

White porcelain

The store is called Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy


I was currently on the market for new dishes and it so happens that since we have been married I have wanted white dishes. My original thought was to buy nice china for special occasions. But, I could never get the nerve to actually spend that amount of money on a set of china. So my next best option was right in front of me in Fishs Eddy and that was White Diner ware!

So I asked an employee if they had an online store and they did so I grabbed a card and we left. Fast-forward three weeks later and my dishes arrived at my door step just in time to serve Easter Brunch.

I guess I have become very domestic, choosing dishes over clothes. : D

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