Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Favorite Scents

I have four favorite scents;

The smell of an indoor pool I have a thing for chlorine. 

The smell of stale clothes that have been inside the linen closet for months maybe even a year. 

The smell of Heavenly perfume by Victoria Secret because thats the perfume that my mom wears and it comforts me. 

And I love the smell of dried laundry. I love to pass by dryer vents on the outside of the house and take in the yummy scents.

OK you must think I am a little crazy....but no its true those are my favorite scents since I was a child.

Well, I was at Bed Bath and Beyond looking for a glass pitcher for Easter Brunch and passed by the Candle aisle and guess what I found.........?!

It smells just like fresh laundry! I bought it and because I spent $20.00 I also got four mini candles and two of them are Fluffy Towels. But don't worry I had a coupon. I think I found my favorite Yankee Scent!!!!!

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