Friday, January 21, 2011

Smell the Roses

Fun fact: I love flowers! I especially love them during the winter because its so dreary and blah (is that a word?) outside that I need a bit of sunshine inside and I feel happy with flowers. Fun Fact: Matthew brought home fresh flowers almost every week for an entire winter last year. I had just had little lady and DC had just had the worst winter and record breaking snowfall and we couldn't get outside. I not only had baby blues but I also had the winter blues (note to self never have another baby during the winter again!) 

So needless to say, Matthew has gotten pretty good at picking out flowers. Last week we hosted my Mothering Matters small group families over for an Italian potluck and so Matthew picked out these gorgeous pink roses. They have been in our house for almost a week now and they are just starting to wither. But they will stay until new ones fill the vase again. 

So the real reason for this post is I have finally taken pictures (not very good ones) of the flower project I did for Ladybirds room. I finished them several months ago so I apologize for not posting the project. You can read about my idea here

This was my inspiration: 

I bought this flower arrangement many years ago and wanted to duplicate it to look something like this. I wanted to hang the flowers from the wall.

Final Product and so proud of myself! Not in haughty way but because I have never considered myself a crafty/artsy person.

I will post a how to once I find the pictures I took with step by step directions. 

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