Friday, September 17, 2010


So I had an an idea... decoupage the wall! Personally I thought it was ingenious idea until I googled it and it was on every blog under the sun ( ok maybe I exaggerate a little). I would love to decoupage our main wall with scriptures written on old paper.It would look really similar to something like this except without so much wording and really cool hand writing (courtesy of my lovely Grandmother). My grandmother is amazing and she has an incredible talent can't wait to blog about her work, that would take a few post. Ok enough bragging now back to decoupaging my walls. 

This was done with a book

This was done with newspaper

These are really cool botanical prints

OK, so you get the idea. I would have to make the paper look old either my burning the edges or staining it with coffee or tea. 

Here are some instructions I looked up to get this affect at home. Its the tea method you can look up the other methods here.

The Tea Method

Prepare a normal pot of tea, saving the tea bag
Lay your paper onto a flat surface.
Smear your teabag onto the piece of paper. This will give it the desired yellow look.
Keep your cup of tea handy, in case the teabag dries out, so that you can dip it again. Keeping the tea bag in the tea will produce a stonger yellow color
Let your paper sit on a flat surface to dry, or dry your paper with your hair dryer.

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  1. I think if you printed scriptures on textured paper you could get the same effect and still keep you bible :) Scrapbooking paper will also give you the opportunity to do but a 3D spin by adding the decorative pieces or stickers too.

    Love your idea and passion!



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