Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 word for the year: Moments

Something I have battled with on this blog is what my content should be centered around. I have many interest and lots of things that I am passionate about. My fear is one of two things for people to compare themselves to me because when reading someones highlight reel, when you haven't had the best day its the worst. I read something the other day and really took it to heart, "Comparison is the thief of Joy" when you compare yourself to others you don't realize your beauty or your blessings. The thing is, this blog is only a snapshot of a small part of my life. I have learned and still have to remind myself that all blogs, Facebook and Instagram are all highlight reels everyone's best moments. I am not writing or taking photos of when I slept on my daughters floor because she was vomiting all night or the time I burned the chicken and we ate cereal for dinner or when my husband sprained his ankle and I was playing nurse. Those moments are what make life real (but moments that are not shared on the blog). I am nowhere saying my life is so epic that readers will start to compare but I just want to share where my heart is.  

I also feel like those who read this blog will try and stick me in a box and try to define who I am through what I post on here. My mom wrote something about me on her Facebook page the day my family and I moved from DC to England and it made me cry because someone other than my husband knows who I am and what my heart beats for. I will cherish this more than I can express 

What my mama wrote on a Facebook post that made my cry tears of joy:

"Today I say farewell and a prayer to one of my daughters, she is an ambassador for Christ.... A wife a mommy, a friend to many and an awesome sister, an aunt, she is a free spirit... Always looking for an lover, she is a spontaneous traveler, an advocate for the environmental steward....contagiously, she tries to live each day in the moment. Did I mention that she is married to a wonderful true man of God, and is blessed with two angels, blessed me as well!!! She is my daughter Crystal Melissa Russell farewell baby girl till next time. ,xoxoxo love!!!!!!!"

I have considered this blog a lifestyle blog because it takes small snapshots of different areas of my life. I want this blog to be a place where I can rerecord special family moments and for those who want to participate no matter how far we are from one another. This blog is about growth, a journey and a celebration of life and love. This blog will show our travels and special moments as a family.  

My word for the year is "moments", I am still on a journey to be fully present in the moment. To experience and cherish this life and our blessings. Life may not always be happy go lucky but there is Joy, joy in having a savior who gave His life on a cross for my life. Joy in knowing I have a peace in God that surpasses knowledge. Knowing I can hope in something far greater than myself, experiencing unconditional love from my Lord, that no matter how many times I fail or fall short God gives me grace and mercy. God Bless you and welcome to my corner of the web.

Its just me take it or leave it.  


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