Monday, April 1, 2013


I am just posting these pictures for documentation sake. I had a witty title and story line but now its been to long. But, I mean how can I not post pictures of Zeke Bears first time at the zoo? It was a beautiful day and my sis is still here with us and we had my friend from South Africa in town so we headed to the zoo. 

My sister had not been to a zoo since she was in elementary school so it was a must see while she is here in the area seeing as our zoo is free. Who can pass up seeing elephants and gorillas for no charge at all.

We had a great time and after being stuck inside for a few days it was amazing to get some vitamin D. 

Here is a cultural lesson Cheers means three different things on three different continents.

Cheers in America is used to toast.
In South Africa its used as a salutation.
In England its used to say Thank You.

Either way I can't go wrong... Cheers.

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