Monday, March 4, 2013

Cloth Diapering

We are officially cloth diapering and look how cute this little man looks. We have been successfully cloth diapering for the past couple of weeks and its going really well. My biggest surprise is that the hubby has taken to it really well. 

We actually started when Zeke Bear was a newborn right after his umbilical cord fell off. But it seemed everything was stacked against us, he was having major leaks, he developed a rash at the waistband of the diaper and the diapers were getting stained which I did not expect. 

When we were pregnant the plan was to only buy newborn cloth diapers and then buy the one size diapers when he was about 5-6 months. Well, this little man grew to fast and quickly outgrew the newborn cloth diapers by the time he was a month and half. So for a month or so I gave up on wanting to cloth diaper. However, I had all I needed to successfully cloth diaper and plus so much research, time, and money went into wanting to try this out. So, I figured we would give this thing one more shot and just take it one laundry load at a time.

I had read about and had been recommended by a good friend to try Kawaii Diapers they are like Bum Genius just without the price. I was able to purchase 15 diapers for just $100 and some change. That comes out to $6 dollars and some change per diaper and that included three organic heavy wetter cloth diapers. I am sorry but I will give anything a try for $6 dollars. 

Even if we don't successfully Cloth Diaper Zeke Bear till potty training we will have at least re-coupe the cost of these diapers in just 2-3 months in what it would have cost to buy diapers and wipes at Target. Wish us luck.

Cheers to a soft and happy bum.


  1. My friend has offered me her entire set of cloth diapers for when my baby is born - I am hoping to give it a try right until potty training! just thinking of the hundreds of dollars I will save will hopefully help with handling the extra hassle! hope it continues to go well for you :)

    1. What a blessing! Usually the biggest thing with cloth diapers is the initial investment so now that, that's covered you will do great. My baby boy is three months and I find CD easier than it was when he was a newborn. Good luck and I will continue to update on the CD situation.

      - C

  2. I meant to ask you about that last time. All props to you!


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