Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3 Months

OK, so little man is three months. Three months of snuggles, kisses and just recently a lot of gurgles and gummy smiles. I am totally in love with this baby I call him mi bebito bon bon. But here on this little slice of Internet space I have been calling him  Zeke Bear which I pronounce Zeke-e Bear or Zekie. 

  • Zeke Bear at three months my wild guess is that you weigh anywhere between 17-19 lbs.
  • You are such a happy and content baby.
  • You are smiling all the time.
  • You have amazed us and have slept a couple of 10 hour stretches at night. Thank you baby boy, thank you!
  • You are still nursing beautifully.
  • You are doing some interesting things like you make two tight fist and kind of shake, turn red and then scream. It's kind of weird but just for the record Mama does not like it. 
  • You like looking at yourself in the mirror.
  • Your sister loves giving you kisses and hugs.
  • Your bedtime is 8PM and lucky you because your sisters bedtime at this point was 7PM. 
  • Your daddy has the magic touch and can usually get you to bed in no time.
  • We are cloth diapering you full-time now and your bum is so cute in all the bright colors.
  • And your favorite past-time is still sucking on your fist.
  • Your Titi Julissa aka Shellington is here caring for you during the day a couple times a week while Mommy and Daddy get school work done.
We all love you little man! Cheers to you.

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