Friday, February 1, 2013

Two Months

Zeke Bear is 2 months old and he is still averaging 1 pound a week in weight gain. My husband and I are amazed because if you look at his arms he has defined muscles like you can see where his deltoid would be or tricep etc.

  • Zeke Bear at two months you weigh 14 lbs 11 oz.
  • You are in the 95 percentile for weight and height.
  • You can kick your feet with a lot of force.
  • You are sleeping 6-7 hours at night.
  • You are still nursing beautifully.
  • You don't tolerate being hungry you scream your little head off.
  • You love baths.
  • You used to scream and cry for diaper changes but now you smile and coo.
  • You have a nice little bald spot on the back of your head from where you sleep at night.
  • You had cradle cap up until a week ago where I worked on it and now it's all gone.
  • You love to be bounced to sleep and held.
  • You fall asleep instantly in the ergo or solly baby wrap.
  • And when you find your fist you love to suck on them.

Cheers my precious baby boy.

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