Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Solly Baby Wrap

I love wearing my babies, with Ladybird I used the Ergo and with Zeke Bear I am using the Ergo outside of the house and the Solly Baby Wrap indoors. I am able to do everyday task around the house while bounding with my little man. I love knowing that he is close to me but I don't have to choose between doing the much needed laundry and being close to my baby its a win-win and it usually puts him right to sleep.

The Solly Baby Wrap is much like the well known Moby Wrap sold in big box stores like Target and Baby specialty stores. I found the Solly by stumbling upon the creator of the wraps blog way before I was pregnant. Once I was prego a friend let me borrow the Moby so I could use it once baby arrived well I ended up ordering the Solly because it was a great deal on a discount site called Zulily.com. The wrap is made with organic cotton, it's super soft and light weight and I love the print. This wrap has some really cool features like it folds into itself and even have a bobo (pacifier) pocket.

 Cheers to keeping babies close the heart.

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