Friday, January 18, 2013

I am not allowed to kiss boys

I witnessed the most adorable encounter and conversation this evening that I want to blog about and also archive it in my amazing mommy memories.

Allow me to set the scene:

We attend bible study on Friday nights at a friends house while all the kiddos go to the basement to play and the adults are upstairs having fellowship and Spirit lead Bible study. Bible study is over around 9 PM and so the kids come upstairs and play and run around while the adults finish off the conversations they were having before Bible study started. The host of Bible study has a little boy who is absolutely adorable and is such a sweet boy. Both families mommies have joked that we have already prearranged their marriage, between this little boy and our Ladybird. This little boy is just so sweet to Lady and I don't know if he is like that with all the little girls our just my baby girl and he is not much older than Lady but by two years. 

Tonight he asked his mommy if he could give his trophy to Lady because she did really good at playing a game that evening. So he went to Lady and offered her his trophy and of coarse she accepted and then right before leaving he not only hugged her but also gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

Lady's face was priceless she was a bit shocked and I don't know what else was going through her mind. I then said in a joking manner "Lady is not allowed to receive kisses from boys." I did not think she heard me.

Apparently she did! later that night on the way home... the following conversation took place in the car.

Lady: Did the Boy not want his trophy
Daddy: No I think he just wanted you to have it, he was being nice. Isn't that nice Lady?
Lady: But next time I just need to say "I am not allowed to get kisses from boys."
Daddy: immediately responds... that's right! Lady we don't give kisses to boys until we are married.
Lady: I am going to get married when I am older to the Boy.
Daddy: Hmm... did you know that God has prepared a husband for you and you will get married when you are grown up like Mommy and Daddy.
Lady: When I get a little older I will give kisses to my husband?
Daddy: Uhh... when you are MUCH older Lady.
Lady: OK... smiles.

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