Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diaper Bags

With my first little I traded in my handbags for the obvious choice of a diaper bag. I bought several diaper bags and used them all equally but I enjoyed changing it up every once in awhile. One of my favorite diaper bags was actually a Columbia diaper backpack that I wanted for the hubby because it was bit more masculine. I loved having two free hands while using the backpack. When I wore my baby carrier my shoulder strapped bags would fall where my diaper bag was perfect. Like everything else I have done plenty of research of which diaper bag I want for baby #2. We are cloth diapering this time so I figure we may need more room but I am not shy when it comes to large bags. Here are some choices I have thought of so far.

These bags appeal to me because they don't scream I am a diaper bag. They are chic looking and could probably double as a regular handbag after baby has outgrown the stage of diaper bag.

3. Kandee J3 (I actually already own this bag which I love but am now returning because the quality is not great. Imoshion the handbag company are releasing a second version with higher quality material.) 

Two of these are diaper backpacks from Vera Bradley. I thought since I have a backpack already which is masculine maybe this time I could go for more feminine one this time.  


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