Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Little Ballerina

Lady bird has been dancing and calling herself a ballerina for almost a year now. So we figured if we could get into an affordable dance class we would sign her up. Fairfax Parks and Recreations has great low prices for everything from Fencing to Preschool Picasso classes. I signed our girl up about a month and a half ago as the classes fill up super fast. She was super excited to start dance class that as soon as she woke up around 6:30-7am she put her leotard on and dance shoes all by herself. 

Lady on her big purple racer right before ballet/tap class.

So I guess I will mention that our little didn't get to attend her first ballet class that she had been anticipating and was so excited for because her wonderful mama (that would be me) thought her class started at 10:45am and it actually started at 10:00am so we arrived just to see everyone leave.

So her wonderful daddy (no sarcasm this time he really is wonderful) danced with her and they played.


                            She had a blast practicing ballet moves. Then it was time to play.

Daddy was in on the fun as well.

Maybe missing our class was for the best it looks like these two had way to much fun doing their own thing.


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