Sunday, September 23, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant in London Fashion

 It is officially Fall and I had to break out my jacket and tights this morning. The weather is glorious and I am fully enjoying the crisp windy air. I plan to enjoy it until it becomes cold and freezing air. I bought this dress last year when I tagged along on Hubbys London work trip. There is a store there that I absolutely love its called Primark and its almost like a Forever 21 and H&M but department store size. Today I decided to give this dress a try even though I am 31 weeks pregnant. Well I think for the most part it worked expect my boobs were stuffed in there (I wish I always had this problem all the time) so I strategically placed the black scarf/belt with a brooch around my tatas so know no one would notice the big gaps in between the buttons. Its not everyday the before shot looks better than the after but for giggles and comparison here is a photo of me last Fall and I am not pregnant.



After: 31 weeks pregnant

I get more impressed at my balancing skills as I get bigger and bigger.

Cheers to feeling like s stuffed tamale.

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