Saturday, August 25, 2012

World Traveler

In my first pregnancy I had very specific ideas of what I wanted for either a girl or boy room. I didn't want something to generic or to be to nursery like I wanted something that our children could grown into. When we found out in our first pregnancy that we were having a girl I was so excited to decorate a room that resembled one of my favorite book/movie, The Secret Garden. Over the pregnancy I kept some influences from the movie but didn't make it like a movie set from the movie.

This time around we get to decorate for a boys room which at first I wanted it to be very Americana, red, white and blue. Over the last several months it has changed to what I was describing as a old man's den. Now it's officially titled World Traveler/ Adventure room. This weekend we are painting baby boys dresser and getting his little corner ready. I will post after pictures as soon as we find the perfect dresser knobs I want.


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