Saturday, August 25, 2012


I have probably written about Lucketts and all of its glory of chippy paint and antiques nestled safely in Leesburg Virginia here on this blog. I have been there several times over the last couple of years. It was really one o my first places to visit when I started to fall in love with metal, chippy paint, and antiques OH my! Yesterday I went with a friend and our girls (I broke my first rule of antiquing: never bring toddlers) Since I actually wasn't looking for anything specific I was OK having most of my attention being taken to make sure my daughter was not touching, breaking or running throughout this very delicate store. I did however find a bed that I semi-liked for Ladybirds big girl bed but buy the time I found this the SUV we went in was packed with wing chairs. I am on the hunt for Lady's big girl bed for her birthday.  

All these pictures were from the outside sheds sold by separate vendors. I didn't take any pictures of the three story building inside.

To leave you with the most precious of anything we could have seen that day were these two playing and being simply adorable. 

 I love this little girl my first-born she really has stolen my heart. 

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