Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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My Big Sissy Cristina turned me to eMeals and so far it has been amazing. eMeals is an affordable meal planning website that caters to the size of your family, your budget and family taste in food. They email you once a week with a 7-day dinner meal plan and you choose how family friendly you need the plan or how gourmet, they have a plan for everybody. It has made grocery shopping super simple and the best part I don't have to meal plan 15 min before I go to the grocery store. Over the past three weeks we have eaten salmon, BBQ chicken, spaghetti with roasted squash and onions, chicken pita and I made my own tzatziki sauce and lots of other goodies. With the meal plan that we choose it includes lots and lot of vegetables its called the clean eating plan.

Here's one photo I took of salmon I cooked over basil pasta.

Please check it out its been a time saver and we get to eat something different every night. 

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