Sunday, March 18, 2012

Near Perfect Day

Ladybird and Baby Bear

Since the hubsters and I have been married one of us has been in school or both of us. Actually this is true since the beginning of our relationship from friendship to marriage and a baby carriage ;D. Our weekends have never belonged to us they are mostly always dedicated to homework. Hubby has just started his graduate degree at Johns Hopkins and I am finishing up my last year of my undergrad.

But... this is not what this post is about. On Saturday we had a fantastic day where the homework monster did not rule but instead our Saturday happened organically. We enjoyed family time but we were also very productive in getting things done around the house. 

It all started with a picnic and kite flying at Belle Haven park on the Potomac River. After fun in the sun we walked from the park to Old Town which is 2.4 miles and then we walked back. It was so great it was a near perfect day!

Hubby putting together our dollar store kites

My new favorite way to pack lunch and eliminate waste
The only picture I took with Babayy and I :D

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