Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I cant believe its not butter!

So there is this really long story I would like to share, however it is to long for tonight and so I just want to share this.

Over the last two months God has done a huge change in my heart in the way my family eats. We don't eat "terrible " but then we don't eat fantastic either. What I mean by fantastic is super ubber healthy. I have always had the desire to eat healthy and organic I just didn't know where to start. I have fantastic friends who have helped guide me along the way. But it wasn't until one my heart was ready to take a holistic approach and understand that everything is connected that God did a transformation.

God is so amazing and when we truly place everything in His hands is it then that things happen the way they were intended to.

I am almost done reading my first book called "Seven; an experimental mutiny against excess" by Jen Hatmaker that God rocked my world in February. I mean like truly rocked it!! Again God is so awesome. This is one of the first books I have started since not reading anything for more than year after reading the Bible (more on that life transforming journey later)

One of the areas to tackle in this battle of excess and consumerism was "Food" for the entire month of February, Matthew and I only ate 7 items of food everyday except Sunday (A day of rest). We did fall and once or twice or maybe three times but overall it has taught me so much and brought out a lot of ugly truth.

Though God started this whole process when he opened the door for a new friendship this past summer. Every time I would go over this friends house she had made something super ubber healthy and I just wanted to learn. This area in her life of eating healthy is huge part of her prayer for her and her family. She has held my hand and has taught me so so much. I am forever eternally grateful. I joined her farmer co-op and I go grocery shopping with her every Thursday.

Her husband and herself were part of our food council in month one, they were there for questions, support and most importantly prayer.

This was not supposed to be a long post but a simple realization,impifiny post.

So the way I look at food is so drastically different basically I feel like Paul when God removed the scales from his eyes. I have not shopped inside of a conventional grocery store in two months.

Looking at an ingredients list is so alarming to me. I have a couple of rules when it comes to food. This list may grow or change but this is where it is as right now;

1. I don't eat food with a longer shelf life than I do
2. I don't anything in a box, can or bag that list ingredients that I cant say.
3. I am limiting items in our home made with GMO's (genetically modified organisms).
4. We are eating sprouted breads, pasta, and tortillas.
5. Eating organic fruits and vegetables

Now my number one rule *I am not an organic snob* We still eat out but inside our home we make wise choices.

So now for the feature presentation.

Two butters, simple enough right? Wrong!

Country Crock's ingredients list has more than 20 somethings items. I have bought this butter out of ignorance. I just didn't know any better. When you think of people churning butter do you think they used all of these ingredients? Nope.

This Butter only has ONE ingredient. What a difference the smarter I feel I am getting about food the more simple it's becoming. : D 

I will be doing a regular blog post about food and what decisions we are making for our family.

In Love,


  1. What is the grocery "store" you go to on Thursdays, and what is the name of the co-op? We are always looking for places that sell quality, REAL food :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good for you!
    Eating healthy can definitely be difficult, sometimes expensive, and it doesn't always happen (at least for us). But, every little choice for being healthy helps!

  3. I by no means eat fantastic either, but I have to say that butter has scared me for a while. I mean something that can last for years and never has to be refrigerated that is supposed to come from milk/cream? Yeah no thank you.


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