Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caught Red Handed

Little lady found her way into the trash after church for a snack.

It was kinda cute kinda of gross but mostly cute. Matthew and I were watching the Da Chicago Bears and the Seattle Sea hawks play or more like watching the sea hawks get dominated by da bears. We saw ladybird go into the kitchen with her baby and we heard her talking and pressing her baby's hand which in return giggles and shakes then we heard silence and we thought nothing of it, we were enjoying turkey chili and Fritos (I know not the healthiest but the best way to enjoy football) then after about 10 min Matthew gets up and runs to the kitchen because something is not right lady is to quite. He finds our precious dainty daughter hands covered and mouth smeared with chili right out of the can.

She even had a napkin, we just couldn't get mad it was the cutest sight. 

Chili was everywhere, her hands, socks, shirt, trash can, the door to the laundry room. 

While we were cleaning the trashcan we found her letters to her alphabet leapfrog in the trash. So with our handy detective skills we figured she most of been putting her letters into the trash can while she happen to stumble upon an o delicious can on chili.

Adventures of a baby, what will she get into next?

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