Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Farm Table

I recently scored this awesome Farm Table for free on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. 

By the way thanks to my amazing husband who fit this table into our sedan. It was not easy. I would of just looked at it and have not known where to begin fitting this into the car. But Miss Charming here is all wood and has the grain and weight to prove it. The woman who was giving it away used it as a crafts table so there is a lot of different paint streaks on it and the white is yellowing. But nothing a little sand paper and paint can't fix. 

I usually have to correct my self when I see "I need this and I need that" I don't need anything but I sure do want it. Anyway in this case I really do need an electric sander. Its not fun to sand by hand and or try to peel paint off.

Sorry for the terrible quality in these photos. I also need a GOOD camera. : D

This is over zealous Crystal peeling paint for over an hour and still had a whole lot of table still to do. I am praying for the right tools at the right price "free" to be able to really get working on this table and a dresser I also picked up off of craigslist. 

This is the inspiration for our farm table. 

I found these photos on Life in the Fun Lane
Here are a few more that I liked.

I loved the table top color and base thats what we are aiming for in our table except our table is a trestle top table. 

I really can not wait to share after photos with all of you. But first we need an electric sander, then you will know the reveal of the table is coming very soon.  

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