Sunday, December 29, 2013

A scene straight out of a movie

December 26th is a bank holiday (equivalent to a federal holiday in the US) here in the UK called Boxing Day. Everyone we have asked has no idea what boxing day is but they appreciate it because most Brits get the day off to enjoy family and more Christmas Cheer. Our village host a fox hunt day. Everyone comes out to see the horse riders off with the hunting dogs more formally known as hounds. An Inn passes out sherry to the riders, Stilton Blue Cheese and mince pies.

We had no idea what to expect we just knew to be in the center of the village by 11 AM. We arrived early at the Inn, they had there banquet room open and were serving tea, coffee, and of course beer. Who doesn't drink beer at 11 AM? Everyone sat together at large tables, we got to meet new people from our village and out of the village. A sweet older couple said they do this every year and they always look forward to catching up with friends at the fox hunt who they only see once a year. It was a lovely time talking to people from alll over the world right in our village.

Boy, were we in for a treat!

Bear all snuggled up and ready to see the Horses and Hounds. The dogs kept coming up to the stroller and sniffing him than walking away. All of the dogs just freely wandered around the whole time. Once a horn was blown it was amazing to see all the hounds gather in a line and follow the riders. 

Cheers... Happy Boxing Day.

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