Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4 Months

Zeke Bear you are 4 months and are fitting into 9-12 months clothes! Sometimes it depends on the style for the size or whether or not you have a cloth diaper on our not. I stare at you all the time when your nursing, awake and sleeping because my itty bitty newborn is growing to fast. I see little babies at church who are newborn and I already miss that stage. Is that even possible. I thought we were going to have to buy a larger car seat because you maxed it out but Mama was wrong you are still a few pounds shy of needing a convertible car seat. You are such a happy and content baby. I adore you and you have taught me that my love can multiply. You have the cutest gummy smiles and I stare at you all day. I love you so much!! 


  • Height 26 inches 90%
  • Weight 18 lbs 2 oz 90%
  • You love your fist and fingers.
  • You had your first belly laugh and it made me laugh.
  • Still sleeping like a champ.
  • You are drooling a ton because your fist are always in your mouth.
  • This month you have also started spitting up milk regularly so we always have to have a burp cloth with us. You can always hear someone yelling for a burp cloth.
  • We celebrated your first Easter it was sweet.
  • You went to the zoo for the first time also this month.
  • Our house has been pretty busy since you were born with visits from Nana, Grandma, Titi Julissa and Mandy all the way from South Africa. 
  • You are in cloth diapers about 80 percent of the time. We don't have enough so you are in disposables while your diapers wash. 
  • Update: You also have your two bottom teeth coming in. That would explain the explosive diapers and all the drool. Love you Zeke Bear
Cheers to you baby boy.

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