Monday, March 11, 2013

Sharing Closets

You know one of the many perks of having my sister living with us is that we can share clothes. Well, most clothes because she is much thinner than me.This jacket I helped pick out as a Christmas gift for her when my mom was here and now I get to wear it.  

This so reminds when we were younger and we shared clothes all the time. There were rules of sharing:
  1. No borrowing an item that has never been worn.
  2. Whoever bought the item gets fist dibs when getting dressed.
  3. Each item must be hand delivered back to the owner immediately after use.
  4. Returned items cannot be dirty or smell.
  5. Always ask permission before borrowing an item.
  6. No borrowing work clothes.
If anyone diverts from these rules there will be consequences!

Cheers to my closet multiplying and having many more options to choose from. Just as long as I follow the rules I should be fine.  

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